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And this is why I love him and he is perfect for Emma, the lost girl who’s been left behind behind and didn’t think she mattered.  I’ve said it before, Killian means sanctuary and Emma means universe, in other words, Emma is the center of his universe and he will be her sanctuary

This man cannot move on from people he loves.  

He couldn’t continue serving a corrupt king who was partially responsible for Liam’s death and it took almost 300 years to move on from Milah and look, after he was separated from Emma in the enchanted forest during the lost year, he couldn’t move on from her.  He turned away the prostitute and sent her on her merry way. 

He is devoted to the people he loves.  And that kind of devotion, is truly beautiful.  I think everyone should hope and pray for a man like this to come into their lives, someone who will love you unconditionally and won’t run away when it gets too hard or difficult. 

Torrance Coombs TV Festival Portraits in Montecarlo (x)