Belle’s costume in 3x15

It’s winter in Enchanted Forest.  

Winters are cold, bitches sometimes and it always made me scratch my head when I was going to school, to see girls dress in short skirts during the winter time.

I’m like, I know none of my business but if you get a cold, seriously, it’s your own damn fault for not waiting for spring time to bring out the short skirts. 

While I didn’t mind the wardrobe parallel to what we’ve seen Rumple wear in the past, booty shorts in the winter time is really silly. Like, Belle couldn’t have taken a moment to find pants and then go search with Neal for the seal in the freezing snow. 

Bravo to Emile though because I know it must have been very cold when they filmed 3x15 but still, it’s very ridiculous to wear booty shorts during the winter time ladies. 

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"I absolutely love the fact that Belle has become the default Rumpelstiltskin to the Charmings. Seriously, remember how whenever people needed something or couldn’t figure something out they always went to Gold? Now they do it to Belle and it’s hilarious. Belle research this, Belle can you look this up, Belle how did Rumple come back to life, Belle, Belle, Belle."

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Belle’s the Charmings’ Willow Rosenberg :) Lol. 

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#is it just me or does it look like belle has been borrowing clothes from her boyfriend’s closet #would anyone actually be surprised if rumple owned a pair of leather booty shorts though

Someone needs to make an art on this ! 

Actually, I would not be surprised if Belle actually did raid Rumple’s wardrobe, found an outfit she liked and tailored it to fit her.  

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