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The state of my rumbelle ‘shippyness

So yesterday, I watched the rumbelle sneak peek for 4x01, the dance.  I was excited when I saw the snippet as part of a promo but watching the partial sneak peek, I feel very sad to admit this but it had no effect on me. 

I thought it was beautiful, Belle’s golden gown is gorgeous, Rumple’s snappy magic fingers was cute but it didn’t elicit mad feels that I normally would have felt say between season one and season two. 

I just felt “meh”, you know?

And I think it’s because of what Rumple did. I can’t root for a couple like Rumbelle anymore. I don’t think Rumple’s going to ever change.  I read a spoiler that he swaps the knife but he’s still not telling Belle the truth and that was one of the bigger problems about their relationship, Rumple’s inability to be honest with her. 

As for Belle,  I used to like her but not so much anymore.  She’s continually putting herself into this position to believe in a man who doesn’t want to change and enables him to lie to her because she always goes back to him. 

So, I guess this is my farewell letter to the rumbelle fandom.  I just don’t feel an emotional attachment to either them as a couple anymore.  

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I’m really insulted by anyone who view Rumbelle as merely a kissing relationship. People who see it as only that, clearly do understand what rumbelle is about.

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I haven’t really written a meta about rumbelle in a very long time but there is a debate going on, discussing how Rumple killing Zelena is going to affect his marriage with Belle.

Let me preface first by saying I love Rumple. He’s is my original favorite on Once and I adored rumbelle after Skin Deep. I also like Belle too.

But the facts are these: Rumple created a fake dagger, entrusted it to Belle creating a false sense of trust which is a very bad way to start a marriage, used the real dagger to murder Zelena and continued to use magic to cover his tracks.

If that doesn’t come back and bite him in the butt next season, by the truth coming out, Belle dealing with it in some way maybe by temporarily moving out - I will be sorely disappointed in her character.

Because the way Belle is, if Rumple does something bad, she’s usually one of the first people to call him out on it. And I hope Belle does the same next season.

Actions have consequences and murder, continually lying about is only going to make the fall worse later.

I don’t want Belle to coddle Rumple, say she understands and they never speak of it again. That would be crap writing and I hate bad writing. I want Belle to be angry about the betrayal, I want her to give Rumple a hard time and he will have to earn back her trust and forgiveness, and really show that he is willing to change and show remorse for lying to Belle and killing Zelena (even if she did deserve it).

I think that’s what killing Zelena will do for the rumbelle relationship: it will hopefully serve as a catalyst for Rumple to prove himself a better person, someone worthy of her.

I really hope that this is what Adam and Eddie are going for here. I want rumbelle to have a happy life together but it should start the right way and not at all like this.

I just needed to post about that.